I am working on setting up my new www.maggiesbigadventure.com home base.  It has been sad watching my tumblr dashboard.  Everyone is looking for a new home to share their content.  Communities are being scattered across platforms.  I know something new will form for the NSFW and Adult bloggers, but that will take time.  The platforms out there all have pros and cons.  I am working to evaluate where I want to spend most of my time sharing, but for now I am at least getting profiles set up for D Day on December 17th for my NSFW content.

I will still be on tumblr to see how the dust settles.  I believe that more censorship will come from all the social platforms, so I am going to just switch my focus on my tumblr blog.  #fuckcensorship

If you are 18+, you will find my NSFW content here.