Marriage does not equal monogomy

If you have followed my blog and actually read my text posts then you know I am married.  You also know that I had a girlfriend.  Amber and I are no longer romantically involved but we are still close friends.  I adore her, I just was not a very good girlfriend in the end.  She is coming over for a crafty, girly day on Sunday.  🙂  I also have an online relationship with an amazing man, whom I will discuss in future posts.    I have had some questions in my Inbox about the fact that I am married and also involved with other people.  I thought I would address the questions with a general post.

I am polyamorous.  I have a primary relationship with my husband.  He is my best friend and lover.  I am fortunate  and grateful that he is part of my life.  He is my rock and I look forward to a long marriage with him, full of love, sex and fun.  We also have an open relationship and can have secondary relationships within a defined set of parameters.  The key has been  trust and communication. I am not always successful in the communication area but I work on it constantly and my hubby is a patient man.

 This does not work for everyone but it works for us.  I am unapologetic about my relationship choices.  Marriage is simply a contract between two people.   The terms of that contract are between the two people entering it and not a church or the government.   I have an amazing marriage and I look forward to growing old with my husband.  We actively work on our relationship to keep it healthy and vibrant.  I have an amazing amount of sex and my hubby and I are growing sexually and that is a good thing.  My other relationships help fulfill other areas of myself.  It is challenging to manage multiple relationships but I find it rewarding and satisfying.

I look forward to sharing my continued adventures here.

Sweet Dreams!


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