Confession Time

I have been out in the world looking for a pet.  A boy (of legal age!) for me to play with and use.  The thought of controlling what they do is intoxicating to me. I want to tell them to do something kinky and I want them to want to please me very badly. and do it  I want them to be younger and frankly, pretty to look at for me.  The young girl in me, that was bullied by a few mean boys and  largely ignored by other boys, wants to use all the pretty boys flitting around me now for my pleasure.  I am not ready for anything in person and I don’t want an involved emotional relationship.  I just want to experience what it feels like to be in control.

This all seems like a great idea.  The execution for me is taking some time.  I have always been the one, marriage and other current relationships aside, let myself be used by men.  I never said what I wanted, I just let it happen.  Initiating sex took all the courage I had within me.  Once it started, I let the man take over and I was passive. I enjoyed it and took pleasure and gave pleasure, but it wasn’t about what I wanted.

Here’s the confession…

I don’t know what I want.  My blog is filled with images of women.  Very sexual and frank images of women and men doing things to women.  You will find very few pictures of just men and even fewer of women taking their pleasure from a man. My focus is going to shift a bit, my loyal followers.  I need to figure out what I want to do with these boys when I catch them.  

What does this mean for you my lucky fans?  Remember, you signed on for this adventure.  I told you I was exploring and I am off again.  I am out looking for pictures of what I want to do to a man.  What I find attractive in a man I want to control, to play, to dominate.  I am very comfortable with the type of man that I want to be in control of me.  I want to figure out what the other side looks.

I do hope you will stay along for the adventure.  My boobs will still appear on Tuesday’s and well frankly any other day I feel like flashing you all.  

Thanks for all the love!



PS: If you decide that you just are overwhelmed with desire and must be my pet, please be of legal age.  If you are not I am going to block you anyway.

PPS: I was going to start a new blog because I did not want to bother you guys.  Then I remember this is my blog and I know you will deal with a switch in focus.  Most of you are here for my boobs and ass, right?

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