Maggie’s Musings – Changes to my tumblr blog on 12/17/2018

Tomorrow the changes to Tumblrs content policy will go into place.  I am really sad about the impact this will have to my blog and to so many others.  This blog has been so important to my journey.  I truly found my sexual self here.  This has been a safe space to explore and understand my fantasies, to discover what excites and arouses me.  I do not enjoy browsing through porn hub or sites like that, though I have no problem with posting my own videos.  I want to see the visuals and the words added by this community.

The collective adult tumblr community has taught me so much.  You have made me laugh, aroused me, and challenged my thinking.  I have been blessed with the most beautiful relationship I could imagine with my Master,  because of my blog. I have also found heartbreak, but with that heartbreak came hard earned lessons and experience.  For me, life is an adventure.  If you aren’t getting a little damage, then you aren’t really living it.

Yes I will still post here.  In the end,  I understand why Tumblr is making their changes.  I do believe they could have focused on the areas that were truly the problem, and not “female presenting nipples”.  We will have to see how the makeup of the community changes.  I am one to always look for the positive in everything.  This change in the TOS gave me the prompt to get my website cleaned up and to look for a good alternative platform for my adult content.  

Where can you find me?

Life is about change.  You can accept it and adapt to it or you can be consumed by it.  I choose to always make the best out of changes enforced on me.


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