Adventure log – 8/10/2017

We had a lovely evening. We drank wine, tried on our dresses, and talked. I told her all about my Sir. We flirted with my Daddy on messenger, and put together a scheme to dress up like the little girls in the shining. We cuddled with each other and just shared. It was perfect.

I’ve missed having intimate time with her. She makes me laugh. Life is in the little moments. This was one of those little moments.

Vacation this week – 08/07/2017



I am so excited. I am going on vacation with @collectingbits! We are going to be trouble makers together for a week. I have missed being with my sweet girl. I wonder if she will let me take pictures of her?

Of course I will!!!!! I can’t wait. I’m going to bring my webcam and computer too.

Oh watch out world! @collectingbits and I are sharing a room for a week. Cameras, webcams, and sexy red heads to come!

Only 8 more hours and I’m free!!!