Here you go. That was fun, thanks for being a good sport and a super sexy tumblr pal!!!!!!

Thank you, Mr. Naughty Secrets, for my prize.  I think this qualifies as a very sexy fan sign,  Maybe it will inspire other fans to submit their own. 


Panty Photo Smack down 2013

Dear Santa,

I was a naughty little elf this year and I expect coal in my stocking.  I know you’ve been perving on my blog.   You’ve seen all the  naughty, sexy, naked pictures of myself that I have shared with all my tumblr followers.  I hope that I can persuade you to come visit my house with this picture.  I promise you, I am a lot more fun than the elfs you run with currently.  Come visit me Santa, baby, you won’t be disappointed.


Your naughty little elf Maggie