Last Thursday was my first “in person” date with my new Sir. Early in April I started speaking with him. Within a few messages, we had realized we had a lot in common and we were not that far from each other. Within a few more messages and conversations we both knew that the relationship was definitely going somewhere. I had a lot to consider before I committed to another relationship as a submissive. I have no desire to repeat my previous situation, so for once in my life I actually proceeded cautiously and asked a lot of questions before jumping in with both feet. It’s important to proceed carefully when you introduce a new person into your relationships. As I have said before, poly relationships are complex, I wanted to make sure everyone was comfortable with each other.

I signed a contact to be his submissive on May 3rd. Our first contract is for 30 days, and then it will be for a long period after that. I have loved every moment of it. The bond between us is very strong and growing all the time. He simply makes me happy. I am just the little girl he needed in his life. He is exactly the Sir I needed. He understands my work constraints and that is infinitely important to me. The demands of my work are immense, I could not handle someone who could not understand that.

We were able to align our schedules for this past week. I spent several days in wild anticipation of our first meeting. Everything felt perfect, but we had not met in person yet. Maybe the chemistry wouldn’t be there. Maybe we would feel different once we met. Maybe I would dislike being a submissive in person. Crazy thoughts mixed with endless amounts of arousal and anticipation while the days passed.

We made plans and he reassured me. He provided me an outline of our first date so I would know what to expect. Some of you might think that is cold, but for me it helped the anxiety of our first meeting. I picked out some possible dresses for dinner and sent him pictures, he picked his favorite. I worried about dealing with downtown parking, he immediately provided the solution. I spent the week working long hours and daydreaming of my upcoming date with my Sir.

I pulled into the hotel valet and I saw him. He came to my car and opened my door and said “Hello, princess”. From that moment I was lost. We went to the hotel bar and had a drink. I needed time to transition from our countless conversations online and on the phone, to being in person with him. He held my hand and I worked through my initial nervousness. A glass of wine does wonders to calm your nerves. More than the wine was my Sir. He was gentle but assured and exactly what I needed. He helped me work through my nerves and looked sexy as fuck while doing it.

The evening proceeded as you would guess. I am happy to say that my worries about chemistry between us, are no longer a worry. We couldn’t keep our hands off of each other. After some initial kinky fuckery we went to dinner at a local restaurant. Yummy food, bubbly drinks, and delicious company made for a very pleasant time. Neither of us could wait to get back to the hotel room. The waiter was perplexed when we did not want to consider the 5 layer carrot cake. We returned to the room and continued the fun. The evening ended with a lovely bubble bath soak with my Sir. It was decidedly a perfect ending to the first part of our date.

Friday began with breakfast with my Daddy, my new Sir and myself. Yep, that is what I said, we all went to breakfast. The best way to make this type of relationship work is to have good communication between every one. I am pleased to say that it was a pleasant breakfast and my Daddy approves of my new Sir. After breakfast I headed out for my all day fuckathon or first date part 2.

I could spend paragraphs writing about the details of our day. I have a few pictures to share that capture the essence of our day. My Sir did a wonderful job of catching some moments between us that reflect our day. We were both exhausted by the end, but satisfied. It was a day of learning about each other and cementing the connection we had spent the last month building.

It was the best first date I have ever had and I will never forget it. He was and is a dream to me and I am incredibly happy. We already have plans to see each other in June on a couple of occasions. I can hardly wait for the kinky fuckery to continue!

So welcome my new Sir, @reddi-whip to Maggie’s Big Adventure!