I hope this works for bling! This is my first submission to this great theme. Thank you for hosting!



Virgin submitter! Sweet! Its sparkles babe….so it counts in my book! Im glad you joined the party! Make sure you return. 💋💋💋

Thank you for submitting to BABES N BLING THURSDAY! 💋💍💋💍

For previous BABES N BLING THURSDAY submissions, follow: @babes-n-bling-recap

Thanks for posting @lillybgoddess!



it has been difficult to post to Tumblr today, I hope its not too late to participate in Black and White Wednesday. Thanks for hosting!


Thank you for submitting to black and white Wednesday, I’ve had tons of tumblr issues to, thanks for not giving up ⚫⚪❤⚪⚫

I ended up submitting twice to @mischievouschivette great blog. thanks for posting!