Physical – Stressed

Work – Stressed

Relationship(s) – Stressed

Climate – Stressed

Democracy – Stressed

Yep. I went through a checklist of my life. Sometimes I wonder how I cope with it all. I feel like I am in fight or flight mode continuously right now. My little escape to the woods peacefulness did not last as long as I would have liked.

Vacation this week – 08/07/2017



I am so excited. I am going on vacation with @collectingbits! We are going to be trouble makers together for a week. I have missed being with my sweet girl. I wonder if she will let me take pictures of her?

Of course I will!!!!! I can’t wait. I’m going to bring my webcam and computer too.

Oh watch out world! @collectingbits and I are sharing a room for a week. Cameras, webcams, and sexy red heads to come!

Only 8 more hours and I’m free!!!