Maggie’s Musings – 07/02/2017

Hello my Tumblr Lovelies,

Happy Sunday!

So much is going on for me right now with work, that it is hard for me to remember to stop and take a breather.  I am glad I have a wonderful Daddy, a Sir, and a Mister, to keep me occupied. 

Life is so good, I can almost not believe it to be true. I truly feel like I have settled into a wonderful rhythm in my relationships.  My husband is still front and center in my life.  He is my partner and my dearest love, my Daddy.  He takes care of me in so many important ways that I often lose count.  It is my job to make sure that I never let him feel like he is not important to me.  I love being married to him and planning for our many years ahead.  He is an incredibly supportive partner and I am fortunate to be married to him and sharing our lives.

My adventure really branched out when I added additional physical relationships.  I had to learn how to balance the excitement of a new partner, while making sure my spouse does not feel neglected.  My partners each satisfy things in myself that I have discovered I need to be happy.  That is what this journey has always been about, self discovery.  I wanted to remove the barriers that my childhood and adolescence had placed on me, that stood between me and true sexual freedom.

I finally free to enjoy myself, to explore, to learn, to grow.  If you have been a regular follow of mine, then I am sure you have noticed that the tone has changed.  I love that it has.  I feel free to share my sexual side without embarrassment or shame.  It is a wonderful feeling and I am thankful that I have finally arrived at it.

I hope that each of you finds your own journey to sexual freedom and whatever that means to you.  


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