Maggie’s Musings – 04.12.2017

One year ago today my life changed significantly.  I answered a tumblr message and I am so very happy that I did.  I will admit I am sporadic about answering my messages.  I will respond to people who take the time to send a well worded message, but I have no time for random pics of men or “hey, do you wanna fuck? messages.  So I don’t bother to put in effort if the person messaging hasn’t put in any effort.  For whatever reason, I responded to my Sir’s message almost immediately.  It was simple and straightforward like him.  

Within a few messages we were both interested in each other.  We are similar age, have similar interests, and even more wonderful, we live within a few hours of each other.  Within a few days, he told me, “I would like to take steps toward you being my submissive.”  This thrilled me and scared me.  I had baggage to overcome from my previous D/s relationship, I did not want to repeat the mistakes I had made in it. I move to fast, I trust to easily, I follow my heart and not my head, I dont question enough…All of these things ran through my head in our first weeks of getting to know each other. 

I am sure that others would say that I did not slow down a bit.  I would say, I waited three weeks to jump in and asked a lot of questions.  My Sir presented me a contract as a basis for us to frame our relationship.  We discussed it together and made adjustments to meet our needs.  My contract is one of the many differences between this relationship and the previous.  I find comfort in the structure and the expectations that are outlined in it.  I would tell any new submissive that they should insist on a contract, I feel it is important.  The first contract was for 30 days.

On June 12th, I signed a contract for a year, and never looked back.  This relationship has been amazing.  I adore the man I call Sir.  He makes every day beautiful and adds so much richness to my life.  He is my Sun and I am his moon.  The space between us is as much a part of us,  as anything else.  We are both happily married, so it is important that we balance ourselves and not harm our primary relationship.  It would be so easy to get lost in each other.

I look forward to many more anniversaries with my wonderful Sir @reddi-whip.