Panty Photo Smack down 2013

Dear Santa,

I was a naughty little elf this year and I expect coal in my stocking.  I know you’ve been perving on my blog.   You’ve seen all the  naughty, sexy, naked pictures of myself that I have shared with all my tumblr followers.  I hope that I can persuade you to come visit my house with this picture.  I promise you, I am a lot more fun than the elfs you run with currently.  Come visit me Santa, baby, you won’t be disappointed.


Your naughty little elf Maggie

Panty Photo Smackdown of 2013

Dear Followers,

I have made a new friend on tumblr and he has thrown down a challenge that I could not resist.  I was out exploring tumblr for images of my new focus…sexy men; I came across a very sexy blog that made me stop and explore more.  To what did my wondering eyes appear?  A man with a penchant for taking pictures of himself that rivals mine; it is   His blog of secret naughtiness contained some surprises though, it is rare to find men on tumblr willing to share themselves.  His blog of secret naughtiness excited me and it made me want to tell him about it. 

I sent him a note and I got a reply but it was not just any reply, it was a reply with a challenge! A picture taking challenge for the best photo between the two of us in our panties.  Well, I am not one to back down on such a thing, so I accepted.    I just know that all of my lovely followers will support me in such an endeavor.  I have a few more followers than Mr.Naughty Secrets so I will post the contest and he will reblog to his own blog: Naughty Secrets.

The challenge is simple

We will each post 3 of our sexiest, most creative pictures of us in our panties for the contest.  Our followers vote with their notes, comments and reblogs.  The one with the most notes, reblogs, and comments wins.

The prize

The loser has to take a picture of the winner’s choosing and post it.  Whatever they want.

 Contest length

The contest will run Sunday 12/8 – through Saturday 12/14. 

I know all of you will certainly want to participate.  It would be terrible if I lost my first photo challenge to him. You can repay me for all the Topless Tuesday fun I give you.  You might even find a special picture just for you in your inbox when you participate.

I think a little holiday fun is exactly what I need.  Let the fun and picture taking begin!



Round 1

Round 2

Round 3